Selected Publications

Recent papers

“Strategic Bidding and Contract Renegotiation,” (with H. Jung, C. Lamarche and R. Sicotte) forthcoming in International Economic Review.

“Subcontracting and the Survival of Plants in the Road Construction Industry: A Panel Quantile Regression Analysis,” (with C. Lamarche and D. De Silva) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 137, 2017, p. 113-131.

“Price Adjustment Policies and Firm Size,” (with X. Zhou and C. Lamarche), Economic Inquiry, 54, 2016, p. 895-906.

“Auctions with Resale Opportunities: An Experimental Study,” (with C. Jog) Economic Inquiry, 53, 2015, p. 624-639.

“Price Adjustment Policies in Procurement Contracting: An Analysis of Bidding Behavior,” (with X. Zhou) Journal of Industrial Economics, 62, 2014, 77-112.

Earlier selected work

“The Effect of Information on the Bidding and Survival of Entrants in Procurement Auctions,” (with D. G. De Silva and C. Lamarche) Journal of Public Economics, 93, 2009, p. 56-72.

“The Impact of Public Information on Bidding in Highway Procurement Auctions,” (with D. G. De Silva, T. Dunne, and A. Kankanamge) European Economic Review, 52, 2008, p.150-181.

“Auctions with Shill Bidding,” (with I. Chakraborty) Economic Theory 24, 2004, p. 271-287.

“Bidding in Sequential Auctions: ‘Catalogue’ vs. ‘Order-of-Sale’ Effects,” (with G. Deltas) Economic Journal 114, 2004, p. 28-54.

“An Empirical Analysis of Entrants and Incumbents Bidding in Road Construction Auctions,” (with D. G. De Silva, and T. Dunne) Journal of Industrial Economics, September 2003, 51(3), p. 295-316.

“The Robustness of the Independent Private value Model in Bayesian Mechanism Design,” (with S. R. Williams) Economic Theory 12, (2), 1998, p. 393-421.