Highlighted research contributions in the NSF Director’s blog.

Ongoing research projects

“Dealer Networks in the World of Arts” (with D.  De Silva, M. Gertsberg and R. Pownall).

“Strategic Bidding and Contract Renegotiation” (with H. Jung, C. Lamarche and R. Sicotte).

“Efficacy of a Bidder Training Program: Lessons from LINC” (with D. De Silva and T. Hubbard).

“Contract Modification and Bidding in Highway Procurement Auctions “ (with D. De Silva, T. Dunne and C. Lamarche).

“Spatial Competition in the Health Care industry” (with D. De Silva and H. Jung).

“Two-Dimensional Spatial Competition with Potential Market Size Effects” (with J. Dearmon).

“Uncertainty and Contract Renegotiation in Public Procurement,” (with H. Jung, C. and R. Sicotte).

“The Effect of Organizational Climate and Satisfaction over Work Related Policies on Turnover Intentions,” (with L. Blackwell, C. Mavriplis, L. Anderson-Snyder and X. Zhou).